Tuesday, 3 December 2013


The UN lesbians are determined to muscle in on sorcery killing. They are failing everywhere else. There is no violence and rapes in Port Moresby markets. There is no massive deterioration of family at the hands of men. This is all ideological wishful thinking.
Now they are back with the fake advice that sorcery killing is a gender issue. Rubbish. They are saying that sorcery killing is focused on women. Reports in the media are that men and women are killed perhaps equally. Please click:


It all depends on  where the killing takes place in the country. Some areas have women involved in sorcery and others have mainly men. But sorcery exists and does occur. Whether or not all deaths are the result of sorcery is a matter of conjecture.

The gay supporting Post Courier has placed an editorial today on gender based sorcery killing. Perhaps they want to make the UN lesbians happy.

Sorcery is said to occur against old men and women who live alone with no family. Often they will own land that the jealous eyes of their killers are watching with anticipation of taking and dividing as spoils of the killing.

Some will be sorcerers who may well not have been involved in the killing for which they are being murdered.

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