Saturday, 7 December 2013


Elton John gets it wrong on the anti-gay laws of Russia. The laws are to stop paedophiles spreading gay and lesbian propaganda to minors.
This will stop gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers from setting up an official or unofficial curriculum on gay and lesbian sex. Please click:

BBC News - Elton John 'sad' over Russia anti-gay law

2 days ago - British singer Elton John urges Russia to end
discrimination against gays and lesbians as he performs at
a concert in Moscow

There has been a campaign across the world to misrepresent the intent of the Russian laws. The gays and lesbians are trying to say it is against them.
It is if they are paedophile and want to promote a gay and lesbian lifestyle in schools, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.

Let Elton John stay with music. That does not give him the credibility to be totally incorrect in his assessment of Russian laws. Being a musician does not make him a world thinker.

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