Monday, 9 December 2013


The National 10 December 2013

New drunken modern PNG woman
A pregnant woman appeared in District Court in Lae on a complaint from her husband. She has come home drunk at night and damaged the family home in a fit of anger.
The Court ordered her to pay damages. The husband was a lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality. She said she was angry because he did not give her money.
The problem may well be that he was reluctant to do so as he knew she would go out and get drunk with the family money.
This is the new style PNG woman who is supposed to be abused by men. Women are becoming the abusers. The UN lesbians are getting it wrong. Don't give up lesbians. Talk to your drunken PNG sisters about the importance of family.
If she drinks beer or homebrew, she probably smokes too. She has a baby in her womb who is suffering from the poisons of her lifestyle.

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