Sunday, 29 December 2013


Over the last week, the fortunes house stealers of 81 Garia Street 5  Mile have dropped with posting of their crime on internet. Baragu is to be arrested for assault. OB 214/12 of 6 Mile police. Please click:


The man has resorted to violence against the founder of AIDS Holistics living as caretaker of a Housing Commission home. Please click:


The man Alan Baragu has a reputation with the police from his days as conveyancing officer with the National Housing Authority. He has now gone down to the 6 Mile Police station and laid a complaint against the caretaker for defamation and damage to the family.

He was told by the police constables that this was not a police matter but a civil matter. But he bullied his way to an interview with the police and caretaker.

The interview was taken over by a green-as-grass AFP female constable. The house stealers complained bitterly about the harrassment of the caretaker. He is mentally ill they said and has to be restrained in prison. They are still trying to steal the house.

An amateur PNG police lady from Australia gave her opinion that some defamation can be criminal. To extreme satisfaction of the house stealers, she forbade any further texts on internet.

The Baragu house stealers produced a document written 3 years ago by Keith Jackson that had grossly defamed the founder of AIDS Holistics.

It was part of the Australian gay and lesbian attack at the time of the proposed legislation on gay and lesbian sex. That came from internet too, AFP lady. It was the start of a vicious hate campaign from Australian homosexuals and paedophiles.

The report was trashed 3 years ago and damaged the credibility of Keith Jackson. The house stealers thought it all goes to show that the caretaker has to be deported or placed in a mental institution. In their dreams. Please click:


Last night Baragu forced his way into the bedroom of the caretaker and beat him with a broom. The caretaker was lying naked on his bed with deep chest pains from a recent heart attack caused  by stress from the house stealers. Check with Dr Mathias Sapuri.

He was seeking my mobile phone that had internet and internet documents that I would be taking the next day to the police interview. When I told him of the heart attack he replied "Die old man die". Then they would steal the house.

But I pushed him out the door. He ran to get a long piece of timber but I hit him with a metre long crow bar bought from the local hardware when the violence started.

He ran down the stairs and then came back to bash me. I stood at the top of the stairs with the crow bar held high and said " Drop it or I will break your skull ". He dropped the timber and ran. I was standing naked and went back to my room. The door had been kicked in.

I was banned by the amateur PNG AFP officer from putting reports on internet. But permission to post was given by the 2IC of 6 Mile Police Station.

She was aiding a criminal in her naive sense of fairness. She quoted British law to us. She did not consult with any PNG police person on the police knowledge of Alan Baragu.

She was given documents by the house stealers. But she returned the documents to them when they promised a set of photocopies. She will never see the documents again. Where are the documents? Oh, I gave them back.

It would be interesting to see if the decision to ban reports on internet was influenced by mention of the gay and lesbian agenda.

Daily hit tally: 139, 250

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