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Over the last two months, I have been caretaker of a Housing Commission home for a sick old man who has gone overseas for medical treatment.
The house has been invaded by a man Alan Baragu and his wife who have expressed the intention of taking the house from the old man.
Baragu used to be a conveyancing officer for the National Housing Commission and was terminated so we were advised for stealing and selling properties. Now he has become a squatter in this house with family and claiming he has the right to take overPlease click:


The report above posted yesterday has made him and wife furious with severe panic and I have been told they reported me to the PNG police and the Australian police to have me arrested and deported.

I was blocked from leaving the house last night and told to wait to be arrested. They are desperate to steal the house. They made what seemed like fake phone calls to the police. You are coming soon? We are waiting with your prisoner.

I was told I was a parasite and scumbag. I have been living off this country for too long. It was now time for me to leave my teenage daughters behind and go back to Australia. They must have the wrong person.

Over 38 years, my contribution to this nation has been massive. I wear the 10 year independence medal for services to the nation in training the PNGDF.

I came to this country in 1975 to serve at the Joint Services College of PNG at Igam Barracks. Over a two year period I trained officer cadets mainly in the skills of decision making.

I was called Captain Double Check. One senior officer of the maritime element told me recently that after 36 years, my training was all he could remember. Hey Murphy. Please click:

support to teachers on mastery learning - family positive living - aids ...

On return to Australia, I was posted to the RAAF School of Languages. For 14 years, I conducted Tok Pisin and culture training for 4000 Australian and NZ personnel on posting to PNG. I am the leading trainer of Tok Pisin in the nation. Please click:


Aug 24, 2011 - I came to PNG to serve at Igam Barracks during 1976-1977.
I had just completed a Bahasa Indonesia course at the RAAF School of Languages ...
I trained PNGDF officers to be language instructors and prepared Defence Schools for training PNGDF soldiers in technical subjects.
After retirement and a marriage break-up, I returned to PNG to work as a teacher. I was senior subject master and Deputy Headmaster at Dregerhafen, Bumayong and Busu High Schools. I continued to teach by Mastery Learning.

I have helped Port Moresby schools as a volunteer in Mastery Learning. These are Kila Kila Secondary, Wards Strip Demonstration school and Boreboa school.

It has lifted the standard of written expression in the grade 8 exams. The work is being watched by senior officers of the national and provincial Departments of Education
On leaving I set up my own company and found a lady who gave me two lovely daughters. She left us after two years and I have been a single parent since that time.
I could not go back to Australia as I needed the signature of the mother on the passport applications for my children. So here I have stayed. 
I found another woman to look after my daughters while I went to work. But she had HIV infection though she claimed to have been tested 2 months before.

I cared for her and my son for three years before they died. Baragu claims I am HIV positive and killed Linda. 

We formed AIDS Holistics and began to promote Positive Living with HIV/AIDS. For our trouble, our NGO was banned by AusAID and UN gays and lesbians who opposed our focus on family.

I have worked as a volunteer for 13 years and have put into AIDS Holistics about K50,000 of my own money. AIDS Holistics remains banned from funding from UN and AusAID.

But we went on to the present day with Positive Living now the key message in PNG AIDS awareness. Please click:


We have suffered a vicious attack over 10 years. The same attack is now at the hands of house stealers Baragu and Awesa. The gays and lesbians claim that I was HIV positive, full blown AIDS, mentally ill, wife beater and child molester.

It makes me wonder about the 22 year old son who seems to have access to the gay and lesbian hate message.

The house stealers claim that I am a parasite, beggar, mentally ill, thief, HIV positive, Linda and son killer and infecter of PNG women. But God is on my side.

So here we stand.

Today I am waiting to be arrested by the PNG police and Australian Federal Police. There have been people in high places who state that I should be made an honorary citizen but it has not happened yet.

I just go on with the Positive Living message. It is not as crucial as it was as most care organizations follow the Positive Living message. We can step aside slightly.

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