Thursday, 26 December 2013


I am HIV negative.

I have an old friend in Port Morsesby aged in his late seventies. Over the last 15 years, we have supported each other.
When Linda and our son died of AIDS in 2002, he brought me into his housing commission home. I supported him with money as he was becoming sick and finding difficulty in working. For several years, his house became the HQ for AIDS Holistics.
He had a son who caused him ongoing trouble with drugs, fighting with his wife and being harrassed by people to whom he owed money. He owed over K20,000 to the Totai couple in the story below. A useful clue.
We left 3 years ago and I gave him K2500 as a parting gift. I asked him to keep our room open should we decide to come back.

We did come back when I met the old man who told me he was sick, out of work, starving and no money to pay the rent.

But within two months, a Tolai family moved into one of the upstairs bedrooms without permission of the old man. His son had moved them in, probably to take over his father's lease to cover his rental arrears.

The husband and wife turned out to be a rotten dishonest couple who made no attempt to hide that they planned to take over the house.

The man was Alan Baragu and wife Cathy Awesa who clamed the man's uncle was the Minister for Housing and would hand over the house to them anytime they wanted.

Then the old man went overseas for medical treatment. I was put in as caretaker of the house. This was not recognised by the ugly couple who claimed that as citizens, they were in charge. I was an alien.

The man claimed that he was once the Managing Director of the National Housing Corporation and had every right to the house. Lies.

But the old man had taken me to the new Housing authority and arranged certain administrative matters to cover his stay overseas. I was to look after the house.

Advice from Housing was that Baragu was once Conveyancing officer who was terminated for stealing several properties and putting the money to his own use. 

He also had a reputation for violence to women who were not his wives. Only recently, he bashed his own wife at midnight at our front gate. She lay groaning for an hour while he kicked her in the head. No honour among thieves.

Baragu and wife threatened to take Housing and me to Court for defamation. That will bring everything out into the open. Great stuff.

The woman started a hate campaign against me. She would abuse me by text. If I responded, she would threaten me with arrest for harrassing her. Great trick.

She would scream to all in the house that I pissed on the toilet seat and stole her water from the freezer. She was the primary key to making Grace unhappy by telling her I was not giving her enough money.

Then it escalated big time. She had discussed with me in early times, my work with AIDS Holistics. I told her husband that I was caretaker of 3 ANGELS CARE and had cared for several men and women who died. She used this against me.

I had recently sought a house meri in the absence of Grace who had died. One woman stayed for a day and then ran away. I found out from her later that the ugly woman had told her that I was an HIV womanizer who had infected several women who had died.

The ugly woman has started a theme that I have a long stream of prostitutes coming to my room. I have to be kicked out and arrested as an HIV man infecting women. The first came to be a house meri but ran away. She was not a prostitute.

The next was a woman who came to identify the Tolai man for her father as the one who stole their house at Gerehu. She was not a prostitute. Her family blamed the Tolai for the death of their mother.

The next was Asi, a 23 year old woman with a baby Bruce named in my honour. She is my daughters' cousin and comes regularly for money for food for her family. I have known her since she was six. The creep Tolai woman says she comes for sex.

The Tolais are trying to get me to leave. They now have a plan to tell all the neighbours about my killing women. The neighbours have known me for at least 15 years. They think the Totai couple are rubbish.

Now I am being told along with the neighbours that I killed Linda in 2001. As if they would know. Creeps.

My daughter's friend has arranged next week for a security officer to move in with his wife. The ugly couple has gone out of their tiny brains.

Recently the man was bashed by a group of Engans who wanted their K45,000 back for a house he sold them that had two titles. Was he the Housing conveyancing officer at the time?

So here we stand.

I gave the report to a woman who said she would show her father who she said was forced out of his house at Gerehu by this man with a false lease to someone else. He blames the man for the death of his wife. Now he knows where he is living and will come.

81 Garia Street
5 Mile.

The ugly couple and son have gone racing off to report me to the 6 Mile Police for defamation and spoiling their family name. They say I will end up in gaol and deported. Their last chance to steal the house.

I told them they have no family name. If they did the same in China, they run the risk of standing before a firing squad.

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