Sunday, 15 December 2013


She may have committed suicide.

In recent weeks I have reported on caring for Grace who had suffered from TB for a long time but ignored by her family. I took her into my home and cared for her over an 8 month period.
Each fortnight I took her to the Pacific International Hospital to be checked by Dr Mathias Sapuri. Her condition deteriorated over that time largely because she was secretly smoking. She was frightened of dying.
Her personality changed over that time and she became short tempered and violent at the least problem that faced her. But she was ignored by her family, particularly by her father.
On 21 October 2013, she decided she was dying so she rang her father and screamed down the phone hysterically. He arrived drunk with a policeman friend and brutally bashed her carer and took her away. Please click:

But the family still did not care for her and she dragged herself to the hospital to be treated. She did not come home to be looked after by her carer who had put a complaint to the police on her father's brutality.

I contacted the father and begged him to bring her back. She had check-ups at the hospital. She has TB pills to be replaced. Most of all, she should be prevented from smoking. Dr Sapuri had already told her that smoking kills people with TB.

In late November 2013, Grace died. Her father Chief Inspector Bonn Gulu was largely responsible for interrupting her care and preventing her from coming back to her carer. He kept her away from the police investigating his bashing. He saved his own career. Bastard.

He obviously blamed her carer for her drop in health. Gulu killed his daughter by his own vicious stupidity. Please click:


Her carer was advised by her doctor that she was still strong at the last visit to the hospital. The possibility must be considered that she committed suicide.

I have been reluctant to say this but she would have felt total despair at being forcibly removed from her carer by her father. All anger of her carer has gone and replaced only by contempt for her family.

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