Wednesday, 28 May 2014


If herbs are to be considered, these are to be taken with ARV drugs NOT instead of. That is the road to death.
Over the last decade there has been the nuisance factor of con-men claiming to have found a cure for HIV infection.
I looked after LINDA for 3 years in the period 1999-2002 at the time when ARV drugs were not yet freely available.
We were desperate to stop the devastating effects of HIV on her body and mind. Our small son went on with HIV to die at the age of 2 ½ years.
There were people who came to us with supposed herbal cures but nothing worked at all. Linda’s weight continued to drop and her diarrhoea raged on month after month.
Joe Lari claimed to have a herbal cure that was really nothing but a delusion. He would not reveal the contents of the bottles of lolly water that he brought to the house. Nor would he give a sample to the Department of Health.
Other herb curers came with their stink water but nothing had any effect whatever. The long term con-man was Lansy Lapu who appeared to be a soldier living at Murray Barracks. He claimed cures all over the town.
He too refused to submit his stink water to the Department of Health. At one time he had rogue journalist Tereni Kens of the Sunday Chronicle write demanding that the Government gives support to Lapu. Dream on Kens.
People who claim AIDS cures do not follow the required procedure to validate. There is no pre-HIV test with diagnosis of the patient being HIV positive.
There is no post-test to show that the virus had gone. It was always just a matter of someone claiming HIV status, receiving fake treatment and then claiming to be cured. Who knows, they may have been suffering from an infected in-grown toenail.
Now there is a move from the professor of the School of Medicine Dr Prem Rai to integrate the health system that includes traditional medicine. He is not suggesting that there are cures for HIV/AIDS out there. It is more a matter of strengthening the immune system against the virus.
But there will be the con-men who claim that the Department of Health has finally recognised their AIDS cures. There will be a spate of AIDS cure con-men after this.
There was a report in the daily newspaper about a year ago quoting an overseas doctor who stated that the hiding places for the HIV virus are deeper than we ever imagined. The world is a long way from a cure.

The best the world can do is to kill the virus in the blood to stop the attack on the small intestine and allow the body to resume absorption of nutrients, water and salts through the gut wall.

The best medicine against HIV is clean water, sunshine, ripe raw fruit and vegetables, grains and nuts. This will help build the body once free ARV drugs have stopped the virus in the blood but NOT in the hiding places.

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