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15 May 2014 Post Courier P. 17  The National 16 May 2014 P.9
Women can't care for their children, tend their gardens and look after livestock when their bones are smashed and their spirits broken by violence.
The Lihir community will gather this week to mourn the thousands of PNG women and girls who have lost their lives at the hands of violence.
The impetus for the inaugural 2013 national haus krai was the public burning to death of young mother of two Kepari Leniata in the centre of Mt Hagen.
Kepari died opposite a church in the middle of the day as a crowd looked on but did nothing. Kepari was accused of sorcery and is but one of many PNG women who continue to be murdered for this reason.
Comment: This report has to be grossly exaggerated. It does not present a true picture of the violence of this country. They are generalizing on the terrible killing of a young woman in Mt Hagen.
The fact is forgotten that she was killed by a group led by a woman, so we were told in the media.
The report refers to the thousands of women who lost their lives to violence but no time frame is given. Was it since the time of the ancestors? Or since independence? Or the last 5 years?
I suspect there is a link between the Lihir women’s group above and the United Nations activists who are desperate to find reports upon which they can build a case for gender based sorcery genocide of women. Sadly it is just not reality.
Over the last 4 months, not one woman has been reported killed on the accusation of sorcery killing. But there have been about 15 men killed.
The women’s groups will ignore that in the name of obtaining UN funding from grateful UN lesbian activists.
The United Nations is finding that all their fake reports are being deeply criticized in the media. Criticism has come from Hon Garry Juffa MP and Mr John Momis President of the Bougainville Autonomous Region.

About three years, ago, there was headline news in the PNG media from a UN spokeswoman who said that over 2 million PNG women and girls had suffered violence in their lives. This is fake reporting.

The reality is that 100% of men and women have suffered violence not from men but from parents, brothers and sisters, friends, husbands, wives, lesbian and gay lovers and strangers. It all counted to allow activists to call these people "survivors of violence".

I can easily claim to have suffered violence 600 times in my life. My teeth have been smashed in the last 5 years, nose broken and stabbed in the chest. That makes me a survivor of violence. But men do not count in the UN tally.

Then there was the PLWHA rogue woman who claimed to the media that told the world that she had seen HIV infected women buried alive in their village. When it came to an investigation, she could not remember the village.

UN activists are now afraid to make any statements but look to their tame women’s groups to do the dirty work.
There were no rapes in Gordons market as claimed by the UN. Women are not being terrorized daily in the markets. There was no survey of men raping their wives in Bougainville as reported by the UN to a conference in Thailand last year.
The women on Lihir and in the United Nations really do not know what is going on. The UN lesbians have a propaganda focus that they are reluctant ever to let go of.
The media reports are full of guesses. Thousands of women have died from violence we are told from Lihir. In the media today, we read that Mt Hagen police expect more than a thousand reports on violence before the end of the year. All exaggerated guesses.
There are more kind and gentle men than they would ever imagine. There are more violent women and girls bashing men, boys, women and girls than they will ever accept.
All they will succeed in doing is to alienate good men. They will lose every man and boy who is kind and gentle.
They have lost me. I see myself as a kind and gentle man involved with daughters and people suffering from TB and HIV/AIDS. But starting twelve years ago, the UN lesbians spread the word in the community that I was a violent wife beating child molester.
My daughters are coming to the age of understanding the evil perpetrated against their father. The lesbians have lost two women, their aunties and girl friends.
I was the first man in PNG society to be defamed by the UN lesbians. I had to have my credibility destroyed so that UN lesbians could say that all men are violent bastards. Men are not supposed to be supporting the rights of women.
I was supporting the rights of women in 2002. Lesbian activists ignore the violence of women and girls against men and other women and girls.

Daily hit tally    148, 657

Russia leads the world.

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