Friday, 30 May 2014


The events in the Catholic church demonstrate that a change is long overdue. The church has to allow married Catholic clergy. Celibacy is failing among so many of the clergy perhaps over the last hundreds of years.
Nowhere in the Bible states that clergy have to be celibate. The issue is about authority. The church is reluctant to cede authority of clergy to spouses.
The reasoning may be that clergy have to spend their time and energy on church affairs not family matters. But so many clergy have focused their energy on sex with boys and girls.
Marriage will not stop paedophilia among clergy. In the Anglican church there have been long time reports of gay married paedophile clergy. But that is very much part of the dormitory life of young boys sleeping with school mates in English grammar schools and going on to be clergy, foreign affairs and military officers. 
Surely the Papacy has to see that the Catholic Church has never been in such a state as it is now. Already there has been a drop in young men and women joining the clergy as priests, brothers and nuns. Now clergy are being defrocked for paedophile crimes.
There is a matter of respect. I would be most reluctant to allow my son to go on a weekend church camp run by Catholic priests and brothers. I would want to go too just to keep watch. If I found that my child had been abused by a priest, I would confront him right in the middle of mass.

This is the body of Christ. Father, why have you been having sex with my son? That was given up for you. Do this in memory of me. Answer me father. Why have you had sex with my son? A paedophile priest has no right to consecrate the bread and wine.
The time will come when it is against the law for churches to reject gay and lesbian men and women to be clergy. Things will get worse yet.

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