Thursday, 29 May 2014


There has been an advertisement for an advocate to a new body being set up by I Gat Hope.  This is for a new organization calling for members from people with diverse sexuality, transgenders and bisexuals.

They will be supported with HIV treatment, recommendations to Government and support from discrimination.
The public mind might boggle at the term “diverse sexuality”. It seems to be getting to the point at which nothing is not acceptable to the gay, lesbian and paedophile push into the community.
The organization I Gat Hope was started by a group of rotten PLWHA who were seeking personal funding and to dominate and bully weaker PLWHA. They were the ones who worked to destroy the Positive Living centre of 3 Angels Care.
The 3 Angels Care Centre was closed in 2005 after these people refused to leave but claimed that the centre was their permanent accommodation, paid for by AusAID lesbians. They threatened to burn the centre down if evicted
One day in 2004, a young man was placed in 3 Angels Care by the Director. I met him down town a week later who advised that he was no longer at 3 Angels. He said on the first night he came down to eat to be told that if he touched the food, he would get a knife in the stomach. He packed and left.
Some two years ago, I Gat Hope Executive officer Annie McPherson joined a debate on FM 100 on the need to recognise gays and lesbians.
She claimed that gay and lesbian sexuality is what people are born with. Not true. There are some born and many made. A small boy subjected to gay sex for much of his life may well define himself as gay.
We see this in the English grammar schools where boys live in dormitories for much of their childhood while father and mother Lord and Lady Ponsonby go off for world travel.
The advertisement says that people with diverse sexuality may apply. What is diverse sexuality? Does that involve sex with men, boys, women, girls, pigs and dogs? UNAIDS will be sure to provide funding. If you want it, it’s OK. We must not hide behind family and faith.
Kapul Champions? A kapul is a possum. Will all members identify themselves as possums? I Gat Hop has been hijacked. So many people with HIV/AIDS are afraid to join for fear of intimidation.
A newcomer would not dare stand for executive office. At 3 Angels Care, those new arrivals who were not acceptable, were evicted by the PLWHA criminals at knife point.
Let us hope that the PLWHA criminals of the past will not have set up this new body and pushed themselves in as the possum executive thugs.`
The big danger is the propaganda put out by such groups as I Gat Hop and the Kapul champions that the gay, lesbian and bisexual outlook is what we are born with.
They do not mention that our children can be groomed by paedophiles to follow a gay and lesbian lifestyle. We see that in the Education system of Massachusetts.

There has been a wide acceptance of the gay and lesbian lifestyle in Britain. People may not realize that this legitimizes a gay and lesbian focus in school curriculum.

School children can now learn that a gay and lesbian lifestyle is a life option for us all, regardless of family and faith.  Britain is on the way down. The Government of Papua New Guinea must take care.

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