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I have been involved in the PNG national HIV/AIDS response from the beginning, having found out that my PNG wife and son were HIV positive. She had been infected in 1993 by my calculation but did not find out until 6 years later.
She had given blood at the blood bank only 3 months before we met and believed she was negative but the blood bank had never informed her of her status. I was horrified and afraid, believing that I too was HIV positive. But I was negative and have remained so.
I met a doctor at the Port Moresby General Hospital who told me about Positive Living and the need to live a healthy life to minimise the lethal effects of the HIV virus.
At that time, the national HIV/AIDS response was starting and I made myself known to the AusAID advisors who were moving in.
As a high school biology teacher, I found that I learned quickly about the physiology of HIV/AIDS. Looking back now, I know that I knew much more than the AusAID advisors.
I was putting together a check-list for Positive Living as you will see at the head of this blog. But I found that there was opposition to my message from the AusAID advisors, Stewart Watson and Elizabeth Cox.
I was willing to accept their view except that they were opposed only to mention of FAMILY and FAITH. I did not realize for several months that their view was coloured by being gay and lesbian predators.
It took several months to realize that the national HIV/AIDS response had a gay and lesbian agenda. Hostility towards me increased rapidly when I started talking to the community about Positive Living.
Watson, now the Head of UNAIDS in PNG started to claim that I had taken the message from AusAID having broken into offices and stolen the information out of files ...... in his dreams.
I had to be banned from the AIDS building. Security guards were instructed to block me. On several occasions, the guards phoned their patrol car to come and get me to be charged at the police station.
I was once evicted by a PNG gay boy who got a punch in the face for his trouble after calling me white trash in front of dozens of AIDS workers. He screamed like a girl.
But the hostility towards me was nothing compared with the growing hostility to the churches. The rogue AusAID officers had started a campaign about condoms.
The nation was told to use a condom when they koap, a Tok Pisin word considered to be highly vulgar. The rogue officers were laying down their authority to all including the senior PNG officers in the AIDS campaign. They were counting guns of those who would oppose them.
The AusAID officers became bullies and stand-over merchants. Even the PNG Directors knew that they had to do as they were told. These Australian advisors were the bosses.
National officers knew that after their contract had expired, there were jobs waiting for them if they did as they were told. That turned national officers into a group of Uncle Toms. Yes masta no masta. Yes missus, no missus.
So the National HIV/AIDS response slowly developed a gay and lesbian agenda. And no one dared oppose the message ..... except the founder of AIDS Holistics. He suffered for almost a decade even while his PNG wife and son were dying.
AusAID deputy team leader Stewart Watson boasted to the founder of AIDS Holistics that his NGO had been black-banned by AusAID and the UN.
He said that the Department of Labour had been advised to reject any application for a work permit. The claim was that Positive Living was a false message.

It had to be false with any focus whatever on Family and Faith. Both were authoritarian organizations that had to be removed from society according to the paedophiles. How can we have sex with kids if controlled by parents and faith?
Watson is famous in this country as Head of UNAIDS for telling the nation not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. The gay, lesbian and paedophile culture was the way of the future. Churches and families were outmoded.

He opposed family and faith as an AusAID advisor too. But in UNAIDS, he told the churches to allow adultery to keep husbands and wives happy. The clergy were not impressed.
But the Positive Living family message went on and had to be stopped if the gay and lesbian agenda was to predominate. So a new approach was taken to tell the community that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a violent wife beating child molester. Don’t listen to his message on Positive Living.
But slowly, the AIDS scene changed. The Positive Living message had taken hold. It became obvious that the gay and lesbian agenda had little to say about HIV/AIDS. It had become a message on rights for women and girls, violence of men and condoms. This is the present UN agenda.
The AusAID advisors left the scene while a number of corrupt national officers were removed. The gay and lesbian focus started under the Howard Government. Prime Minister Kevan Rudd cut down the corruption by removing large numbers of AusAID consultants. Many went underground.
Now we find that AusAID has been stopped under the Abbott government. The question arises as to the corruption of the future in the new organization tasked to deliver funds.
The gay and lesbian distribution of funds was totally corrupt. It was designed to give funding to gays and lesbians particularly in the Burnett organization. Australian contracted gay and lesbian advisors would work in country, set up their network and then come back as consultants.
The original consultants left AusAID and moved on to the UN having demonstrated their corruption, back-stabbing and double-dealing. They had shown the capacity to dominate and intimidate national leaders in government and churches. They were the original ugly Australians.
Let us hope that Burnett is not given the AusAID job of distributing funds. It was Burnett that brought the original gays and lesbians to PNG with their anti-family and anti-faith.

Daily hit tally: 150, 437

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