Thursday, 5 June 2014


After all the years of pain, we are happy to report that family is now the key to the PNG national HIV and AIDS response. The UN activists have failed to railroad a gay and lesbian agenda into the campaign.
We only have to read the newspapers these days to find a family focus. There are groups involved in promoting family planning. There was another group that trains counsellors in advising married couples.

There is now the routine acceptance that Positive Living is based on family and diet. All aspects of health depend on our diet of ripe fruit, fresh and uncooked vegetables where possible and clean water. We eat white meat as much as possible with reduced red meat.

Our Positive Living message in this country seems to be old news now. There was a time 8 years ago when we could have 1500 hits a day. Now we are down to about 200 hits. Talk in the media about fruit and vegetables seems like old hat.
The UN has failed badly with their ANTI-FAMILY strategy. The nation has moved past them and seems no longer afraid to talk about family issues.
So many women have read the UN propaganda that all men are violent and all women are abused. That no longer rings true. Women say that they have a lovely father and uncles.
They are supported by their brothers. They know of so many friends in the same situation. The UN activists are not being believed.
In the last three months, there have been senior UN activists come to PNG to repair the mess. There was Helen Clark faced with a series of UN lesbian tricks about rapes in Gordons market and the fake survey about men raping their wives on Bougainville. Blame Elizabeth Cox.
Now we have Jan Beagles trying to fix the mess left by gay predator and bully Stewart Watson. But that one can not be fixed. Perhaps he should be promoted and made Director of UNAIDS.
He infuriated at least 20 ministers by suggesting that adultery be accepted by churches. In the media he wrote that the community should not hide behind family and faith. He learned his diplomacy in a gay bar.

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