Monday, 9 June 2014


After a decade in Papua New Guinea of blatant support of gays, lesbians, paedophiles and transgenders, the UNAIDS wolves have put on sheep's clothing with the pretence of caring about the community as a whole.
Only a year ago, they were working to increase the incidence of HIV infection with the public view that adultery was to be accepted by the churches.
The community was told by UNAIDS not to hide behind family and faith. Both were rejected by the UNAIDS family as being authoritarian.
They want the boys and girls to be free. Hence the UN Charter of Children's Rights that declare that children have the right of association. Kids do not have tell their parents whom they have been with.
Now the Head of UNAIDS is telling the media that they want zero HIV infection in Port Moresby. Will they recant their public views on adulterous sex? Will they speak out on paedophile gay sex?
They point out that the incidence of HIV is rising among MSM? They neglect to point out the statistics on MSB. UNAIDS is a homosexual front organization.

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