Wednesday, 18 June 2014


A campaign is being mounted in Papua New Guinea on stopping violence to children. There is violence towards children that has to be stopped, particularly of fathers, mothers and aunties smacking kids for small disturbances. Some women smack rather than train their children.
But we have to see this in the context of lesbian UN seeking to take all authority away from parents. In the media today, we are told of 75% of children experiencing physical violence. To be accurate, we could say that 100% of men, boys, women and girls suffer violence.
I have been bashed about 6 times in PNG. My nose has been broken. I have been stabbed in the arm and chest. Put me down for 6 counts of violence. I am a UN survivor of violence. No I am a man. That does not count.
The UNICEF report states that 80% of children suffer verbal violence. That means anything. A parent may scold a child for any reason. The UN lesbians will put that down as verbal violence. They are robbing the parents of all effectiveness and authority.
We have the same from the lesbians of Save the Children. They oppose all smacking and scolding. Most are single lesbians with no children.
They would not have a clue as to how to discipline uncontrollable children. But they demand orderly and well behaved families. They rob parents of all authority. Good trick.
Then we have UNICEF reporting on 55% of children reporting sexual violence. Given the other two counts of gross exaggeration above, who knows how lesbian UN advisors define sexual violence? Please click:


How does UNICEF obtain these statistics. Do they interview children? Does you daddy smack you? How many times? Plenty. Put her down for violence by father 23 times. Does he talk cross to you? Oh yes? What does he say? I am a cheeky girl. Put her down for verbal violence.

Do they use the same techniques as the fake survey of men raping women on Buka? Or the report that 64% of PNG men have been involved in gang rape? Lesbian liars.

That only serves to lessen the credibility of real abuse. It will turn off PNG women and men who know that the UNICEF findings may not be based on reality. The lesbians are guessing in the coffee shop of the 33rd floor of the UN building in New York.

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