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What is the word that means.....?

a place with houses  (villa - a house villa, village)

people who live in a place with houses  ( villagers)

a person skilled at languages (lingua –language - linguist)

language of a  nation (lingua franca)

belonging to the sea (mare the sea, marine, maritime)

middle of the earth sea (terra the earth, mediterranean)

a large group of stars ( stella – a star , constellation)

star of the Sea (Catholic school name) ( Stella Maris)

state of death in a body ( mortis death – rigor mortis)

place where bodies are kept ( mortuary)

a person born in a country ( nascor I am born – native)

a country becoming a state (nation)

between nations ( international)

across a nation (transnational)

hanging from a girl’s neck ( pendeo I hang – pendant)

to hang (suspend)

to carry across ( porto – portus - I carry transport)

to send across ( mitto I send, transmit)

to send on a task ( mission)

go forward (cedo cessus –I go, proceed)

go outside limits (exceed)

a group of people going forward (procession)

go between ( intercede)

driving of our blood (pello pulsus I drive pulse)

drive forward (propel)

drive back (repel)

blade that drives an aircraft ( propeller)

act of driving back (repulsion)

driving feeling (impulse)

able to be carried (porto I carry portable)

carry out the country  (export)

carry into the country ( import)

carry across the country (transport)

carry down and out of the country (deport)

able to be carried (portable)

looks after teeth (dens dentis a tooth, dentist)

false teeth ( dentures)

meat inside a tooth ( dentine)

 glasses we wear (specio spectus I see, spectacles)

A variety of animal or plant ( species)

Really worth seeing ( special, spectacular)

Look into and examine (inspect)

Look back to with honour (respect)

A ghost that we see ( spectre)

ability to see ( video vissus I see vision)

able to be seen ( visible)

not able to be seen ( invisible)

box that shows pictures from afar (tele afar,   television) Gr

device that enables us to speak afar (telephone)

device that enables us to see afar (telescope) Gr

device that enables us to write afar. (telegraph, teleprinter) Gr

see again during study ( revise)

act of seeing again (revision)

where two parts join or meet (jungo I join, junction)

sickness that joins eye lids together (conjunctivitis)

wall that divides a room into parts (pars partus – a part, partition)

small rooms joined together (compartments)

parts of an organization (departments)

make something (facio I make manufacture)

place where products are made ( factory)

Sacred Heart (French) (cor the heart  Sacre Coeur)

strong heart ( courage)

having strong heart (courageous)

heart of the fruit in a bottle (cordial)

dead body ( corpus the body corpse)

body of companies ( corporation)

body of Christ ( Catholic school - Corpus Christi)

being fat in body (corpulent)

a body of soldiers ( corps)

in charge of a group of soldiers

make a company become a legal body (incorporate)

hundredth of a dollar (centum a hundred, cent)

hundred years ( century)

hundred year celebration (centenary)

in charge of a hundred Roman soldiers (centurion)

arithmetic system based on ten ( decem – ten decimal)

tenth month in ancient Rome ( December)

fall of ten years (decade)

reduce by one tenth ( decimate)

pouring of money (fundo fundus I pour fund)

money poured back to the buyer ( refund)

device for pouring petrol ( funnel)

pouring forth of flowers ( profusion)

draw out (traho tractus I draw, extract)

act of drawing out ( extraction)

draw together ( contract)

broken body drawn on a hospital bed ( traction)

send across ( transmit)

send out ( emit)

act of sending out ( emission)

leads an orchestra ( duco – ductus I lead, conductor)

an English leader ( Duke)

an Italian leader ( Duce)

lead forward ( produce)

lead backwards (reduce)

made by hand (manus the hand manufacture)

written by hand ( scribo scriptus I write manuscript)

leads water by canal ( duco ductus I lead aquaduct, viaduct)

leads the ova in a woman’s body ( oviduct)

greatness ( magnus great magnificent)

great rich business person ( magnate)

make great (magnify)

make new again ( novus new, renovate)

make peaceful ( pax peace pacify)

make into a god ( deus a god deify)

make right ( regis right rectify)

a child’s writing ( scribo scriptus I write scribble)

writings from the Bible ( Scripture)

write down ( describe)

act of writing down ( description)

to hang (depend, suspend)

one who hangs ( dependant)

not hanging ( independent)

turn back ( verto –vertus I turn revert)

drive back ( pello pulsus I drive repel, repulse)

a car that rolls smoothly ( volvo I roll Volvo)

rolling back ( revolve)

rolling a country back by war ( revolution)

gun with a chamber that rolls ( revolver)

freedom ( liber free, liberty)

african country of freed slaves ( Liberia)

make free ( liberate)

act of making free ( liberation)

a friendly person (amica friendly amicable, amiable)

in ancient times ( antigua early, antiquity)

old quality furniture (antiques)

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