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The National 5 June 2014

A person living with HIV/AIDS has described the anti-retroviral treatment for HIV and AIDS as the only resurrection for people like him.

Joe Egu said ART was the only treatment to be trusted because no herbal medicine or any other drug would be as effective.

Egu was responding to media reports that the ARV treatment was not working for some people living with HIV and AIDS.

He said that when it comes to HIV, ART is our resurrection therapy. He said treatment required patients to eat a lot of food as the drug makes people very hungry. He said the treatment had insignificant side effects.

He urged HIV and AIDS victims to stay strong with ARV and not waste time on herbal medicines.

Comment:  The Health Department should not encourage people to think herbs are a valid alternative. So called healers must not sell their herbal stink water to people who believe they are HIV positive.

There are people who die despite ARV treatment. Perhaps the chemicals of the treatment are incompatible. The Government must not open the door to fake herbs. These give false hope to sufferers and families. Please click:


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