Wednesday, 10 December 2014


I have only seen one group of transvestite boys in Port Moresby over 21 years. We are led to believe that they are in large numbers but it is most likely not true.

About 3 years ago, I was sitting in the foyer of the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby when a group of boys came in through the door. They entered with the flair and flourish of a group of Les Girls at a wine bar in Kings Cross Sydney.

The next half hour was spent in kissing and hugging one another and making comments on clothes. O darling those trousers are beautiful. I must get one like that.

If a new boy arrived through the sliding door, there was a rush to greet, kiss and hug him and comment on his lovely shirt.

The guests at the hotel ignored them and politely looked the other way. I just sat fascinated at this boring group of boys pretending to be on a different plane of existence than the rest of us.

I imagine that such antics could raise a negative response in a wine bar late at night among a group of rough heterosexual men annoyed at having the night dominated by group of effeminate boys.

This is not the path to promote acceptance in the community at large. They seemed to delight in showing off that they were different from the rest of us. Not the way to go.

Not once have I seen a group of transvestite boys in this town doing community work and washing a dozen police vehicles as their contribution to the boys in blue. Or helping out at the hospital.

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