Friday, 19 December 2014


Post Courier 18 December 2014

The Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Hon Michael Malabag has made a public statement supporting the work of the churches in health work.

This reflects the present policy of the Government in working in support of the churches in both education and health work.

The Minister referred to funding and salaries of health workers which would have to be a massive morale booster for these people.

It has been a long hard road for the church health centres, many of which have been forced to close. St John"s ambulance has suffered financial problems with stoppage of health care and wages not paid. Workers have gone on without pay.

The dilemma for some churches comes with distribution of condoms seen as contrary to Scripture. The UN and AusAID handled the issue with threats of withdrawal of funding and bullying of the churches. Common sense has to prevail whatever that may be.

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