Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Post Courier 8 December 2014 Page 3

AIDS Holistics: The nation must not be shamed by fake gay and lesbian propaganda into making changes to allow the gay and lesbian activists to dominate government and parliament. All their claims are without evidence. 

The UN gay and lesbian scene produces fake information on violence of men, abuse of women, discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS and stigma against the gay and lesbian community. It is all produced by the gay and lesbian dream machine.

There is a massive gay and lesbian hoax underway in Papua New Guinea that has drawn in an innocent good man Governor Powes Parkop of the National Capital District.

They want the laws governing gay and lesbian sex to be decriminalized after failing three years ago in parliament.

The claim is made about the “harsh treatment they receive from police and a select few who discriminate against them for what they are”. That is nicely vague.

Governor Parkop said that it was important to create a safe environment for these groups so that they can come forward and get the services that they are entitled to as citizens.

One would think that gays and lesbians are being over-serviced. There are so many overseas care groups with a gay and lesbian agenda. From the top, there has been AusAID, UNAIDS, UNDP, UN Women, Burnett, Tingim Laip, Poro Sapot, Kapul Champions, I Gat Hop, Save the Children, Stop AIDS and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

We wonder about the harsh treatment from the police and “select few”. Why have details of attacks never been published in the media? Perhaps these have come out of the gay and lesbian dream machine.

The dream machine has been very skilled at hiding gay and lesbian objectives in the National HIV response. It is all about being fair and community caring for gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual people.

The hidden agenda is poison. Decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex is one step from legalization.

It is a further step from making massive changes to school curriculum for gay and lesbian lifestyle to be presented to children as a viable option for living.

The big lie is that people are born gay and lesbian. This is partly true but there are those who have been nurtured into homosexuality.

Then there would be pressure for gays and lesbians to adopt children from the orphanages. There is nothing more certain that many such children would end up homosexual. 

The next on the agenda would be the lowering of the age of consent. After all, children can have sex, having become able to give informed consent, the result of the school curriculum.

There will be changes in the churches blocked from banning openly gay and lesbian clergy and quoting from Scripture against homosexuality.

The Boy Scout and Girl Guides will be blocked from banning gay and lesbian leaders.

The care and fair message of the gays and lesbians is the tip of the iceberg. So much is hidden away that is hostile to FAMILY and FAITH.

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