Sunday, 21 December 2014


Over the last 6 years, there has been a con-man operating in Port Moresby selling cures for HIV infected people. His name was Lansy Lapu. His address used to be Murray Barracks which means he was probably a soldier. He claims to have cured so many people of HIV infection.

He seems to have friends in the Sunday Chronicle newspaper who support his claims. First there was rogue reporter Tereni Kens who demanded that the Department of Health accepts the Lapu stink water as a cure. Now we have a report from one Paul Zuvani.

The Department of Health has not been up to the job in debunking the stink water claims of cures. All fake curers claim to be not interested in giving samples to the Department as these will be stolen and sold. Cure wonder man Joe Lari made the same claims.

On the other hand, the claim is made that the Department knows the stink water is a cure. That is why the so called drug is being rejected. The Government officers are jealous.

On the notice boards around town, Lapu the stink water man makes massive claims that his drug is the only cure in the world. He calls on people to phone him on 72404113.

In the Sunday Chronicle, there is a very suspicious story of a young man Joe Roge who claims to have contracted HIV in 2011. He was on the verge of dying in 2012.

That is a fake statement to start with. AIDS sufferers normally live for several years before “constant diarrhoea, lack of appetite and weight loss”. This is the sign that all body systems are falling down. Small intestine is destroyed. Protein is being taken from muscles. Not in 12 months John Roge.

The only explanation is that he was HIV positive perhaps 4 years before that. But Lansy Lapu the stink water man said he was HIV positive and probably told him what to say to the media on symptoms.

Most likely he was not HIV positive. It is easy to cure someone of HIV infection if they were not HIV positive in the first place.

The person comes to Lapu and explains a series of symptoms. There is no pre-test of blood. Lapu just diagnoses HIV. He may have just had gut parasites or infection from polluted water.

Joe Roge claims he was given ARV that did not work. So we are being led to believe that he had a proper medical test. Prove it Roge. What does he mean that ARV does not work? Was he expecting a cure?

It just slows down symptoms and postpones death by a decade or three. But for Roge, it did not work after a few months. So he went to Lapu the stink water man, took his mixture and was declared cured. No pre-test. No post-test. Just cured.

It is time for the Department of Health to clamp down on con-man Lapu. If HIV people are abandoning their ARV in favour of his mixture, Lapu is guilty of killing innocent silly people. He cannot sell stink water from behind bars in Bomana prison.

There will be prisoners who rape him and tell him to cure himself. That should be easy for him. He has saved so many people. But he can always have access to ARV drugs. There would be justice in putting HIV Lapu in a cell with a box of bottles of his own stink water.

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