Saturday, 13 December 2014


Now we are being told by the UN gay and lesbian activists that telling a child to do work against their will is abuse. We have to be reasonable about this. 

Such advice is the ultimate sabotage of all parental authority. UN lesbians are filling kids with rights and no responsibilities. Parents have all responsibilities but no rights.

We are all aware of reports on child labour particularly in the developing nations. Children have their childhood cut short by the need to work from dawn to night.

But the United Nations has extended this to Papua New Guinea as part of the lesbian activist plan to undermine families.

Kids can no longer work to help parents. It is child labour. Children can tell their parents to go to hell when it is time to work. 

In Papua New Guinea, there is limited child labour. UN reports have told us of children moving furniture, selling papers, collecting bottles and chopping wood. It sounds like the view from a tourist bus.

It is the job of parents to train their children to work, Girls learn to cook, collect firewood and carry vegetables. Boys learn from their fathers not as much as their sisters learn from their mothers.

The UN must not be allowed to undermine the responsibilities of parents. Lesbian activists probably grew as middle class girls with no more responsibility than to sweep the floor, tidy their bedrooms and put clothes in the clothes dryer.

Now we are told that 10 year old girls are involved in prostitution. Sorry we can not be more specific. Confidentiality you know. It comes from the very best lesbian care groups.

So parents are not to smack their kids. They are not to get them to work. They can not speak harshly in criticism. All discipline is defined as abuse. But gay and lesbian couples are allowed to bash one another and sexually abuse their kids. Open Google at gay and lesbian domestic violence.

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