Tuesday, 16 December 2014


The National 17 December 2014

The family and Sexual Violence Action Committee has drawn up 5 strategies to address family and sexual violence in Morobe. 

Representatives from Police, Department fof Community Development, churches, NGOs, ANGAU General Hospital, faith based organizations and Morobe provincial AIDS council met and came up with strategies to end family violence.

It is noticeable that there was no representation from the Department of Education and Men's groups.

The children of the nation have Personal Development education from grade 6 to grade 12. Children focus on personal growth and family life. 

It would be interesting to survey the levels of domestic violence among young people in years to come who had completed the Personal Development education in schools. It may be that the problem of domestic violence is being solved from the bottom up from this time on..

All the more reason why the lesbian over-lords and over-ladies will work to exclude Education and men. The United Nations lesbians are lurking in the background with their black book. They are the thought police.

Note will be taken in the black book if any delegate places any focus on rights of men, violence of women and the importance of family.

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