Monday, 15 December 2014


Lesbian activists and heterosexual paedophiles want our young daughters. So they have to destroy FAMILY to achieve that, They are engaging in modern social engineering to reduce the authority and credibility of family.

They want to show that FAMILY is an authoritarian structure in league with the churches. It is the job of the lesbians to free young people from family and FAITH. The Bible has to have its credibility destroyed. It is just man made.

Marriage has been set up not by God but by men to keep their control of women. There is no such practice as adultery. All men and women are free to have sex with whomever they want.

Women and girls have rights to free them from their fathers and any authoritarian mothers. Parents are not to scold their children. It is abuse. Smacking a child is out. It is abuse to tell children to do work they do not want to do. 

The plan is to let the children run free. Rather than work to help the family, they have the rights to roam the streets. The UN Charter of Rights gives them the right of association with any other person. Paedophiles have an open door to children thanks to the UN activists.

Children have rights and no responsibilities. Parents have responsibilities and no rights. The gay and lesbian activists want families to be loose collections of people in which parents roam and have sex as they wish just like many gay and lesbian couples. Children are free to do as they wish.

Gay and lesbian activists would not dare go to a Moslem country and express such views.

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