Friday, 16 December 2016


The citizens of Papua New  Guinea be warned that a foreign lesbian take-over is under way again in the run-up to the 2017 election. 

The focus is on Gender Based Violence with the epicentre as attacks of women on public transport in National Capital District.

They failed before the last election with the support of Dame Carol Kidu in having legislation passed on (1) decriminalizing gay and lesbian sex and (2) reserved seats for 25 women in parliament. 

This time they think they are on a winner with the support of the Governor of National Capital District Powes Parkop. He has spoken out on the fake violence of men against women on public transport. 

The lesbians have tried and tried to set men up in Port Moresby particularly with violence of men to women in the main Gordons market. 

But they have stepped over the line with so-called violence of men on public transport. They are fooling no one. 

The nation rides on public transport and is aware of the safety for women and children. My daughter traveled to school by public transport with never a problem.

Parkop may not realize that he will have a debt if the lesbian activists mobilize women to put him into parliament again. He will be required to put the failed bills back into parliament with all the skill of a lawyer.

He must not allow the UN lesbians to regard him as their pet politician. He is better than that. That is what they thought  with Dame Carol Kidu but she had a mind of her own in the  end. She placed value on the family which the lesbian activists did not.

Where is Elizabeth Cox? In the run up to the last election she was preparing women to take the 25 seats in parliament with Cox probably as the lesbian Minister for Community Development. 

She is somewhere in the lesbian background preparing for the 2017 elections. The nation must not let the United Nations lesbian women take control of this country.

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