Thursday, 8 December 2016


Post Courier 9 December 2016

There is always an odd angle to reports in the Post Courier on sexuality perhaps the result of a senior executive being gay.

Today, there is front page news that screams " Child Sexual Abuse High". The community will have been conditioned by the media to assume that the report refers to abuse by fathers.

But the fact is that this is very much the result of the hidden UN messages about children's rights. The UNAIDS message is that parents have no rights while children have all rights to disobey their parents.

The UN paedophiles will be overjoyed to learn that more and more children are being abused on the streets by national and foreign paedophiles. Parents are unable to stop what is going on.

UNAIDS and UN Women have robbed the parents of authority over their children. More and more young people are going to nightclubs despite being underage. 

That is their right. The UN paedophile view is that children have the right to sex with adults. They have the right to go out at night and tell lies to their parents on where they are going and where they have been. 

They have the right to smoke marijuana, drink home brew and go home with paedophiles for sex. Tessie Soi says that children are being abused to the age of 18.

The UN paedophile view is that underage boys and girls have the right to sell their bodies. But then they push the blame on to the parents. But the UN paedophile view is that parents have no right to stop their children.

Young girls are becoming sexually active from early age which the foreign lesbians will claim is their right. They can have abortions without knowledge of their parents.

Foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles are playing games with the community by blaming parents supported by gays and lesbians in the media. 

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