Wednesday, 7 December 2016


There are many men in this country who walk their children to and from school, carry babies by sling in the streets and children on their shoulders. Foreign lesbians ignore all this. 

The foreign lesbian tourists know nothing about the Papua New Guinea community. They have no interest in kind and gentle husbands and fathers. They are trying to tell the world that all PNG women are blessed and loving but abused by violent men.

Let it be known across the world that the focus of awareness in Papua New Guinea is on family. This is the focus of Government, care groups and churches that the future of the nation lies with children.

The future of children lies with fathers and mothers whose job it is to care for and bring up their children in health and positive values.

The nation rejects totally the ongoing misinformation of the lesbian Gestapo of the United Nations and Australian Aid. 

We accept the existence of violence of men to women but also acknowledge the increasing violence of women to men. But we reject that the blame lies with all men.

There are 7 million citizens in Papua New Guinea. It is certain that 2-3 million are good family men with the same number of good family women struggling with poverty, unemployment and under-employment to raise children. 

The German Nazis blamed all Jews for the economic and social problems of post world-war 1 Germany. Today, foreign lesbians blame all Papua New Guinea men for the violence to women. Now they are claiming that women are being attacked on public transport.

There is now a lesbian nonsense in providing a single Meri Seif bus for Port Moresby women. If there are 100,000 women and girls in Port Moresby, there would be needed about 100 Meri Seif buses. 

This is just symbolic propaganda against men who stop foreign lesbians from stealing daughters and paedophile men from stealing sons and daughters.

But most women would prefer to travel with their families on buses that arrive every 10 minutes not a girly girly Meri Seif bus that may come by every 3 weeks. But it is all part of the anti-family, anti-man and anti-fathers propaganda of foreign lesbians.

German Nazis claimed that young German girls were being sexually attacked by gangs of Jews. That is when the Jews were not at home celebrating the pass-over with their families.

The buses of Port Moresby are totally safe for women and girls with men making way for women and girls by offering their seats. 

How does the husband and son travel on the Meri Seif bus with wife and mother? This was a stupid plan probably hatched on the 33rd floor of the UN building in New York.

The foreign lesbians are trying to set women apart from men and have sex with the pretty ones. They have set up a hate campaign against men. UN Women is in the lead.

But the national focus is moving to supporting family with fathers, mothers and children. Foreign lesbians want war between husbands, wives and daughters. The editorial in The National today focused on parental responsibilities to children. Well done !!

Foreign paedophiles have no interest whatever in a focus on the rights and responsibilities of family members. Family is the enemy.

Now the world Head of UN Women is starting the UN lesbian pressure on the 25 reserve seats for women in parliament. In her dreams. UN is interfering in the sovereignty of this nation. Do something Uncle Roy Trivedy.

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