Tuesday, 13 December 2016


The nation has taken ownership of the family message.

This is to advise the people of Morobe Province and the nation of our program on Radio Morobe 95.5 FM - "maus bilong kundu". It is entitled Good family Living.

It is being delivered to advise the people of this province of the problems and needs of family. It will be broadcast on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8.30pm, It is also to advise of studies of Immanuel Lutheran School in a curriculum called Christian family Life.

I deliver the 8 minute talks on family in sweet Tok Pisin. It has become popular very quickly among teachers, care workers and other Morobe citizens. The topics for the next 2 months are: 

  • Family living,
  • Nuclear and extended families in Papua New Guinea
  • Rights and responsibilities of family members,
  • Critics of family as a unit of society.
  • Teaching children to read, write and learn values of living,
  • Choosing a wife or husband,
  • Domestic violence - men to women and women to men,
  • Sexual abuse of children - paedophiles,
  • Gender equality,
  • Women on public transport,
  • Importance of education,
  • Family planning vs kwashiorcor
  • Healthy living with clean water, fruit and vegetables,
  • HIV/AIDS and TB,
  • Diabetes type 2,
  • Dangers of betel nut and cancer,
  • Caring for the aged and disabled,
  • Dangers of alcohol, marijuana and home brew, and
  • Sorcery killing.

We are very pleased with what has happened. The weekly program will present in clear Tok Pisin the key issues of family. It will support the work of care groups, schools and churches. 

The focus will be on family. We  will support men, women and children. Married couples will be known by the traditional name tupela marit.

The radio reports in Tok Pisin will be posted on this blog when time permits.

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