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Over recent weeks. I have been reading through the internet website PNG Blogs.This is the blog site that has made PNG politicians angry and committed to legal action for false information.

I was certain that hideous claims would be made on PNG Blogs in opposing Copeland and AIDS Holistics. There have been so many rotten accusations made against Positive Living over the last decade.

But I have found that PNG Blogs is quite even handed and fair to AIDS Holistics and founder. There have been hideous attacks on AIDS Holistics particularly in the run-up to the last PNG election.

The foreign activists in the United Nations were lobbying legislation in parliament for (1) decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex and (2) 25 reserved seats for women in parliament. Their plans are still alive and waiting to emerge in the 2017 elections.

AIDS Holistics had just emerged from hate attacks from the UN activists with our focus on FAMILY and FAITH. 

In 2011, we were not prepared for vilification on the social media from three activists who had decided that the time had come to destroy AIDS Holistics.

MALUM NALU committed serious cyber crime and identity theft by making readers to internet falsely believe that Copeland had been sexually harassing PNG women in Australia by email. He is a senior journalist with The National newspaper.

His onslaught came to an end at the hands of Lydia Kailap and Nancy Sullivan who made public that Nalu was the cyberstalker who had taken my identity. He had abused Lydia as a white women married to a PNG man.

He was really attacking those two women who opposed the Rimbunan Hijau logging in Pomio. But he was pushing the blame on to the AIDS Holistics founder.

PROFESSOR MICHAEL TOOLE was in charge of the AusAID AIDS commitment but was pushing the nation into a gay and lesbian agenda. He resented severely that we were criticizing the corruption of the AusAID commitment of which he was in charge.

He does not appear to be involved with the PNG AIDS campaign any more. Toole made scurrilous accusations against the founder of AIDS Holistics for all to read. I was mentally ill, full blown AIDS and attacker of women.

KEITH JACKSON was the blog master of PNG Attitude and decided that the job had to fall to him to destroy the Positive Living message to allow the gay and lesbian agenda to run free. 

For over 2 years, he supported Copeland in a wide range of topics sent to his blog that included (1) Salamaua in colonial times (2) deep sea mining of Nautilus (3) pollution of industry in China and future problems with Ramu NiCo (4) Sir Paulias Matane as Governor General (5) Outcome Based Education  and many more. 

I was one of the educated specialists in colonial history, political development, education and environment that enriched the PNG Attitude blog. Jackson called me the General. 

Then he took it all off to show that he was a wise and just blog master protecting his treasure. Most of these reports were transferred to this blog. All our reports made to his blog were of highest quality. Please click:

sepik feeds the yellow fin tuna - family positive living - aids holistics

Sep 4, 2016 - The young of the yellow fin tuna are fed by the massive nutrients that are ... 
deep sea mining in magadus square - family positive living - aids 

deep sea mining in magadus square - family positive living - aids ...
Aug 12, 2012 - That is the existence of a major yellow fin tuna breeding grounds 
in the Magadus Square bounded by the north coast, Manus Island and New ...

That had all died with his decision to support the gay and lesbian bills to parliament and oppose the AIDS Holistics comments on the corruption of AusAID activists. He wrote a hideous report on his blog to pretend that his blog had been attacked. Please click:
has been a report on blog setting out a hateful denunciation of the ...

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