Wednesday, 21 December 2016


The National 21 December 2016

It was pleasing to read the report of the Sanap Wantaim concert in Port Moresby that featured UN Women and the several churches. Does this mean that the churches will be working with the United Nations?

There was a concert with UN Women and choirs from the United, Pentecostal and Seventh Day churches.

Does this mean that UN Women and UNAIDS are no longer anti-faith and anti-family but plan to work with the churches in promoting strong families?

Will UN Women seek the support of the churches with a future legislation for 25 reserved seats for women in parliament? 

Will that lead on to future bills on decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex with adoption of PNG children? 

It is good that the Minister for Community Development Delilah Gore is calling on stronger working support between the Department and the churches.

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