Wednesday, 14 December 2016


We read in the media that UNiTE is the brain child of the lesbian UN Women. They are afraid to put fake reports in the media and now push the job on to song writers. 

It is still all fake. They have overstepped the mark again with reports on violence to women on public transport.

A report in a gay supporting newspaper in Papua New Guinea advised the setting up of a new United Nations body to lead the fight against violence to women.

We ask the organisers to advise the world on the UNiTE agenda:

Why does the UN oppose FAMILY and FAITH?

Will UNiTE do this too?

Why is there no support for traditional parents?

Will there be no support for same sex parents too?

Why does the UN only support rights of children but no responsibilities?

Why does the UN charter give children the right of association with adults?

PNG Government supports church partnership. Will UNiTE do this too?

Why does the UN regard churches as the enemy?

Why does the UN never advise the dangers of oral and anal sex for gays?

Will UNiTE support the so-called UNAIDS LGBT world family?

Why does the UN never report on gay and lesbian domestic violence?

Why does the UN ignore the violence of women to men?

Why is there no UN statement opposing paedophiles?

Will UNiTE support same sex marriage?

Will UNiTE join UN in pressure for 25 reserved parliamentary seats for women?

Does the UN still promote sorcery killing as gender violence?

Will Roy Trivedy coordinate the work of UNiTE?

Will UNiTE seek to stop UN fake news on violence to women?

Will UNiTE purchase of a hundred meri seif buses for PNG towns?

Please help the world understand the outlook and agenda of the UN advisors involved in the AIDS response and gender equality.

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