Sunday, 18 December 2016


The legislation on Gender Based Violence is quite fatally flawed and destined to fail . The Government has not the capacity to enforce the laws on a community not educated in family living.

Man hating propaganda has grown out of lies and cheating of lesbian UN activists and care groups seeking to ensure their funding continues. It is so easy to produce fake statistics. 

They do not want loving marriages and families. They want WAR between men and women. Lesbians want the young girls. Paedophile men want the young boys and girls. 

The foreign lesbians want the 25 reserved seats in parliament to ensure that same sex marriage and adoption of children are made law. They have hidden agendas.

The legislation is not based on the positive reality of hundreds of thousands of happy families with loving husbands, wives and children.

The strategy of the lesbian campaign is to blame all men and ignore violence of large numbers of women bashing their husbands and children. 

Focus on the negative is the sign of uneducated foreign activists or Gestapo activists with a vicious propaganda agenda.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill stated that change can not be achieved by laws alone but by changes in attitude in the community.

There is so much fuelling violence in this country. Both men and women are drinking alcohol and home brew and smoking marijuana. Many men, women and young people suffer brain damage and are violent.

Every day and night there are men and women bashed in the home by their partner. But the lesbians and the law can only see the violence of men. Some have fought violent wives who had come home late at night from drinking, cards and sex with men.

Village authority does not exist any more. Old village man can no longer control drunken young village men often armed  with guns. Churches can no longer have strong influence on villages.

There are many developments in this country to improve family life. Church groups are running courses for married couples. Schools are conducting Personal Development courses.

Organizations train women for business. Literacy courses have been conducted for men, women and young people. 

There are groups conducting Living Skills courses for men, women and young people to lift the skill of handicrafts to be sold in markets.

Prisoners are given day release to attend study in colleges. Some visit schools to talk of dangers of marijuana and home brew. Courses are conducted in prisons.

Sorcery is blamed by the foreign lesbians on village men killing women. Large numbers of those who suffer are old men, probably killed for the land that the young villagers want to own. 

Sorcery can only be stopped by education. That is a problem when so many villagers in the highlands are uneducated. 

So we teach that malaria kills people through mosquito bites. Yes, we understand that. But who was the sorcerer who sent the mosquitoes?

Landslides in the highlands are caused by trees cut down and sand from beaches of past geological ages. Fossilized sea shells have been found in the Chimbu valley.

Markham Valley was a strait between two islands. Landslides are caused by heavy rain. But my neighbour is  sorcerer who called on the heavy rain.

The latest trick for women is to have several boy friends as well as a husband with a SIM card for each. Then one husband or boy friend can not phone the woman and have the phone answered by another man !!

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