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Post Courier 30 December 2016

There was a very prejudiced report in the media on binge drinking women in the United Kingdom. These are women who booze regularly and become drunk in groups or alone.

The report written obviously by a woman with her own lesbian agenda expressed displeasure that the media should report that such women were helpless, drunken and a burden to her family. The writer may be alcohol demented.

There was a sense of disgust that reports should state that such women are cared for by the husbands. It seemed not possible to the writer that husbands are capable of caring for alcoholic wives. There would be many men who do not drink but have alcoholic wives

Binge drinking women may go out at night to booze with other women. At times they are drunk when their husbands come from work and children come home from school. No housework has been done but empty bottles lie around the house. 

Teenager girls may become alcoholic as well as menopausal women who can not face the change in life without booze. Please click:

Menopause and Alcohol Abuse | Alcohol Treatment for Women
Menopause and Alcohol Abuse - Another Overlooked Element in Women's ... and
sometimes, the beginning of escalating alcohol consumption, as a means of ...

AMA president Dr Gannon is quoted as saying that it was appropriate to document "lousy drunken behaviour" across both genders.

Drunken behaviour of men, boys, women and girls occurs in Papua New Guinea and is the cause of violence of men to women, women to men, women to women and men to men.

Drinkers have binge drinking with cartons of beer, bottles of coffee punch and buckets of homebrew. Many PNG men and women are only happy to drink until blind drunk. Violence arises among the drinkers and with family members.

PNG people are among the races of the world whose genes are not able to withstand the effects of alcohol. The gene for alcohol resistance seems to have started among the races of Europe but there is still no answer for those who drink until blind drunk.

The foreign lesbian activists of the United Nations are only too ready to put all the blame on men. The fact is that PNG women are moving out of families to spend the nights out with the girls.

Dr Gannon said in the report that the gender gap between binge drinking men and women is fast closing. In Papua New Guinea, women are starting to drink like men with violence.

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