Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Many women and girls will never try to travel in Meri Seif buses in Port Moresby. They are afraid of being made look foolish by UN lesbians with false propaganda on men who are supposed to attack women on buses.

Yesterday. I was in public transport in Top Town in Lae. These are buses known as PMVs or Public Motor Vehicles. 

A young woman was sitting on the other side of the aisle with her mobile phone. Suddenly the window was pushed open and a hand grabbed the phone.

A young thief ran down the road away from the bus. Two men jumped out of the bus and chased him. Within minutes they were back and returned the phone to the grateful young lady.

This is the Papua New Guinea that I know. Men were protecting a woman on public transport. We are reading propaganda rubbish in the media on the violence in this country against women and girls on public transport. This is foreign lesbian nonsense.

I have been travelling on public transport in this country for 10 years and have witnessed two incidents in that time. A man dragged a woman off a bus. 

At another time, a man entered a bus and grabbed a woman's bag. He dropped the bag after I punched him. That is two incidents in 10 years.

We are reading of foreign lesbians in the United Nations donating a bus especially for women. What nonsense. Women are well treated on PNG buses. They never stand and are always offered a seat by a man. Most women never say thank you.

A bus for women has limited use. What if a woman goes to town with her husband or son? Do they both catch separate buses? How stupid. There is UN lesbian fake propaganda that some 80% of women have suffered violence on buses in this country. Liars. Lesbians are at it again.

The only problem women have on buses is actually getting on the bus. Many stand back and walk away if the bus is full. 

They do not want to stand at the door but will wait for another bus. Some will sit on the step. If they did board, they would immediately be offered a seat by ..... a man !!

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