Wednesday, 29 March 2017


The foreign lesbians and Post Courier are doing their best to link child labour with children not going to school. 

The assumption is that there is poverty in the family such that parents force their children to stay at home to earn money for the family. This is 15% accurate.

Many children do not go to school because they do not have bus fare, lunch money, shoes, books and school bags. They have no skill in English and are largely illiterate. Their chances of employment in years to come are minimal.

They have no breakfast and go out to find food. Many are certainly not helping their parents. They are finding ways to obtain money for themselves. They are not fending for family. It is survival of the fittest child.

Parents should be supporting their children but many are unable to do so though a lack of money, family break-down, sickness and unemployment. 

Many children will be orphans and suffering from child abuse from wantok families who treat young orphan girls as the family Cinderella.

Now these poverty stricken parents are to be fined huge amounts by forcing children into child labour. How stupid.

The next step will be for the foreign lesbians to push the Government to set up orphanages and for PNG children to be adopted by overseas gays and lesbians.

The traditional culture of this nation required parents to send their young boys out to be part of the peer group. 

They slept in a village haus boi with the other village boys. If today, the group consists of raskols who steal, bash and do not go to school, all small boys are on a learning curve.

They will stay out at night with the bigger boys, seldom go home and never go to school. Is the Government going to fine the parents for pushing their kids into child labour? Dream on !! 

Perhaps the Government is trying to keep Uncle Roy Trivedy blissful, happy and not curmudgeonly like Jackson.

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