Monday, 31 July 2017


I have been a teacher of Personal Development studies in PNG schools for several years for grades 8-10. As well, I ran a program of family living on Radio Morobe in early 2017.

The focus in these grades has been on family with emphasis on RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES. For every right there is a responsibility.

The Personal Development curriculum provided the basis of the Positive Living message on this blog. 

So when the UN and AusAID advisors were saying the Positive Living message was fake, they were also criticizing the curriculum of the Department of Education.

The Positive Living and Personal Development messages were mutually reinforcing. Both gave students advice on practical living that they may well experience as they grow to adulthood.

Both curricula focused on marriage, fidelity, gender equality, family violence, choosing a wife/husband, family planning, rights and responsibilities of family members together with HIV/AIDS, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle diseases, smoking, alcohol and home brew abuse.

It may well be that this generation of PNG school children is receiving advice they never hear from their parents. Many will recognize the violence and abuse in their own homes. 

The violence of the future may come from young people who dropped out of school. Of course, there will still be school leavers who abuse their families in the future but the numbers may be significantly less. Gender Equality is the keynote message.

The Personal Development course does not include gay and lesbian sex with same sex marriage which has undoubtedly been noted by the United Nations. 

The fact of life is that PNG is not ready for such developments in society. There are other nations in the world with such views on gay and lesbian rights particularly in Africa. 

In this country, the danger comes from foreign paedophiles disguised as gays and lesbians. The world is being divided into two camps on gay and lesbian rights.

There would be a massive crisis in PNG education if these topics were pushed into the curriculum with no consultation. 

Let us hope that the recent elections have given the nation a wide range of Seventh Day Adventist and Lutheran politicians as in the past.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Qld)
Teacher of Personal Development, Positive Living and AIDS Awareness
Papua New Guinea

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