Monday, 14 October 2013


Since the beginning in 2003, the Anglican AIDS response has been gay and lesbian. There was once an inter-church conference where the Anglican bishop stood and screamed that the focus on family was homophobic. What a blessed fool. See report below.

The Anglicans in PNG are basicallly amateur in the area of AIDS awareness. They have followed the focus on condoms and rights. This is the unmistakeable indication of the foreign homosexual agenda.

There is no concern for basic AIDS awareness. They accept the gay and lesbian censorship on the HIV gut attack.

There is no focus on:

1.    basic physiology of the body,
2.    pathway of the HIV through the lymph, blood and gut,
3.    fever within 2-3 weeks of infection,
4.    attack on the CD4 cells of the gut lining,
5.    slow destruction of the capacity to absorb water, salts and nutrients,
6.    breach of the blood-brain barrier,
7.    action on the gut attack of the ARV medication
8.    mother to child infection,
9.    circumcision in partly protecting body from infection, and
10.  ARV treatment for rape victims.
Even the Anglican bishop was unfriendly in the wake of our response to the Anglicans in giving policemen condoms for a little safe adultery in the election in the highlands.

His Grace was most unimpressed with our call in the name of gender equality for police wives to be given equal cartons of condoms for safe adultery while their husbands were away. The Anglicans do not have a thinking church.

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