Sunday, 20 October 2013


Gay and lesbian teachers do not let kids be kids

There is a hidden agenda in modern education that comes from gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers and so-called educationists. They want to introduce a gay and lesbian propaganda into school curriculum.
They want to focus small children on to gay sex. They are doing wrong. Children have a different agenda towards growing up.
They go to school to read, write, compute and learn about the world. They learn of nature, environment, family, friendship, caring, sharing and respecting other people.
They see people as people not as penises to be sucked, vaginas to be licked and anuses to be penetrated. That is what the gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers want. Other people are to be exploited, not respected.
The gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda has been part of the South African and Massachusetts curriculum for more than a decade. In Massachusetts, we read that young children learned about fisting other people. That is putting their arms up the person's anus.
A back lash is coming. The Russian Duma has banned homosexual propaganda to minors. Adoption of children by foreigners is banned.

World gays and lesbians have tried to have the winter olympics stopped. The French Government has banned beauty pageants for minors.

Perhaps the gaoling of the Greenpeace crew is the Russian way of letting the gays, lesbians and paedophiles of the world know that they will be gaoled if they break the law on homosexual propaganda to minors at the winter olympics.

If a million Russian underaged children see a banner at the opening procession of the winter olympics giving a gay and lesbian slogan, the law on propaganda to minors has been broken. The athlete responsible national or foreign, may end up in a Russian prison for 20 years.
China is banning HIV sufferers from public bathhouses. That is a polite way of saying that they ban gay serial sex in public saunas and bathhouses.
The world gays, lesbians and paedophiles have gone too far. Victory in same sex marriage now drives the thin edge of the wedge even deeper.

The time is coming when the world clamps down on sexual exploitation of children by paedophiles. Please click:

Youngsters taking 'risks' online : bbceducation

6 mins ago - Youngsters taking 'risks' online by bbceducation

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