Thursday, 17 October 2013


The National 14 October 2013
The headline report advised that there is an increase in gay and transsexual HIV infection in this country. This follows the rise in gay HIV infection in the world.
Gay sex follows the path of careless serial sex with no condoms. Paedophile gays have sex with young boys and run the risk of giving HIV infection to boys.
There is no gay health warning allowed by the AusAID and UN gays, lesbians and paedophiles. The health advice to young boys is censored to maximize sexual access of adult men to children.
There is no mention of the deep risk of coccidian gut parasites destroying the gut in anus licking and faeces slurping men and boys.
No mention is allowed of the damage to an anus by an adult penis and the dangers to the anus wall of fisting. Please click (warning vulgar and disgusting porn): fisting pics, Gay ass fisting & anal
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