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In the last week, there was a report on our blog on police brutality in bashing an expatriate man, founder of AIDS Holistics and key advisor on HIV/AIDS Awareness. Please click:


The last 15 years have seen this man focus on helping people suffering from HIV/AIDS. He had found himself living with a woman who was infected and cared for her for 3 years with her son who died in 2002.
He now has found himself supporting a woman who is suffering from tuberculosis and bronchitis. His awareness on TB comes from having been infected in 2010.
Both women secretly destroyed their health by smoking while their carer was at work. Smoking kills people suffering from the chest infections that come with HIV/AIDS and TB. 
We recently posted a media report on a young girl who did not follow the TB treatment routine and died in the week she was to start her grade 10 exams. Please click:

The life of a carer can be grossly difficult. PNG people can be experts in passing blame to others. The family will blame a carer for a drop in health.
The founder of AIDS Holistics was bashed by the brothers of the woman suffering from AIDS at the point that her weight dropped to 45 kg. They said he was starving her. She would not let her family know that she was HIV +.
They took her away but she died some 6 months later with a weight of about 39 kg. The founder of AIDS Holistics is quite paranoid at sick people smoking.
The report above was posted to record a brutal and uncalled for attack on the carer of the woman suffering from TB and bronchitis. He was viciously attacked by the father who was a senior policeman supported by another policeman.
The PNG community regularly reads of innocent people brutally attacked by police. They are bashed, kicked and rifle butted. The founder of AIDS Holistics never dreamed he would be bashed by police.
The woman had been treated for TB for 6 months and had been smoking in secret. She was coughing mucous and unable to breathe. She thought she was going to die. She was under the care of Dr Mathias Sapuri.
Blaming her carer, she became violent and hysterical to him. She called her father on the mobile phone. He arrived with another policeman drunk, bashed the carer and took his daughter away. The carer arrived at the house at Bomana three days later with the risk of further bashing to deliver TB medicine.
History repeats itself. Families do not reject people with HIV or TB. But often the task becomes too difficult if the sick person does not follow the rules. This lady will die if the family allows her to smoke.
The brothers who originally bashed the carer are forgiven as they were from a village and knew little about HIV/AIDS. The police inspector is not forgiven as he broke the police regulations and bashed his daughter's carer with drunken brutality.

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