Tuesday, 15 October 2013


The National 16 October 2013
There is a report that China plans to ban HIV sufferers from public spas and saunas. This has provoked condemnation from UNAIDS and outrage from campaign groups.
The UNAIDS spokesman for China claims there is no risk of transmission of HIV in a spa or bathhouse. Liar.
In western countries, the saunas and bathhouses have been the key meeting place for gay men who come for orgies of gay serial sex.
The report refers to HIV sufferers but the true intention is to limit gay serial sex in bathhouses.
In western nations, gay saunas often had glory holes in the toilets where men could have anonymous sex with whatever anus or penis appeared at the glory hole. Please click:
UNAIDS is a corrupt organization set up for AIDS support but diverted into the homosexual and paedophile community.

The Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea is gay paedophile. He promotes an anti-family and anti-faith agenda in the national AIDS campaign. Why is he not in prison in PNG and /or Australia? Are UN paedophiles exempt from the law?

On World AIDS Day, he advised the community in 2010 and 2011 that they must not hide behind family and faith.

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