Saturday, 5 October 2013


It has been tradition that parents gently push their boys out to live among their peer group as long as they are home for dinner and sleep in their beds. The young boys learned from the older boys who carried out village training.
In recent years, this process has fallen down in some villages when the older boys were raskols and taught younger boys about stealing, rape and armed hold-ups on the road.
In the urban areas, the younger boys will invariably mix with young criminals and learn to lie, cheat, steal, drink homebrew and smoke tobacco and marijuana.
Once a young boy has become a street boy, he is lost to his family. Boys will prefer to stay among the young criminals. They will not come home but stay in any one of a dozen houses. A street boy will steal whatever he can lay his hands on.
Favourite items are DVDs and mobile phones that can be turned quickly to cash. A family will suddenly realize that a dozen DVDs are missing.
There is no value in kicking out a street boy. He will come through the window or slip in through the front door to hide in a cupboard waiting for the family to leave. The house will then be ransacked. He will steal keys to the door and find where any money is hidden.
My family has looked after a street boy. He would go to school but divert to his street boy gang. He would not come home at night but arrive two days later.
We ended up kicking him out two months ago but he still comes back. His disobedience is 100%. He has the attitude that he can not be told what to do.
So there is no point in bleeding hearts feeling sorry for street boy junior criminals. They are not friends. Your family is their victim.

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