Wednesday, 2 October 2013


We read in The National the report of the rise in child abuse in the second city of this country Lae. This is part of the growing world awareness of paedophilia.
Already steps are being taken in Russia, France and Sri Lanka to stop the flood of paedophile activity in the country. Please click:

BBC News - Sri Lanka steps up fight against scourge of child abuse

Aug 7, 2013 - The BBC's Saroj Pathirana reports on efforts by the Sri Lanka
authorities to tackle child abuse amid signs that the problem may be becoming ...

But the gay supporting Post Courier of Papua New Guinea put the issue on Page 3 with the claim that it is all about incest. That is children being abused by fathers, grandfathers and uncles.
No mention is made of heterosexual and gay paedophiles sexually abusing children.
Post Courier has opted to place the blame solely on men in families abusing daughters, grand-daughters, step-daughters and nieces.
That is only part of the picture.
Take the Papuan block in Lae where homebrew is made and consumed by women and men, boys and girls.
There must be the perfect opportunity for gay and heterosexual men to take small children for sex while parents are stoned drunk.

Some would be stoned for the night or the week and not know or care where their children are.

With men, women and children drinking homebrew, it is obvious that young boys and girls will be sexually abused. Get real Post Courier.

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