Wednesday, 9 October 2013


There has been a sad hate campaign on internet at the hands of one Keith Jackson of the PNG Attitude who is determined to be the Ming emperor of PNG Australia relations. He can be that if that is his thing. But he has to accept that the kowtow to the Ming emperor is not necessary.

He has seen it important to destroy the credibility of the blog by AIDS Holistics. He used the 2010 attack by the Australian gays and lesbians to set up our blog. The Australian gays and lesbians were on the brink of being sacked by the Rudd government. Please click:


As the self appointed Ming emperor, he seems to want his readers and writers to be his accolytes. But the founder of AIDS Holistics is no-one's accolyte.
Our blog is a record of all possible social, health and physiological aspects of HIV/AIDS and health in general. There was a time when the founder of AIDS Holistics was the favourite of the Ming emperor. Please click:
Jul 15, 2010 - BY KEITH JACKSON OVER THE LAST couple of days you
may have been witness to a little family spat on PNG Attitude. It occurred
between ...
But that slowly died with Jackson's strong desire to criticize AusAID but never to mention the gay and lesbian agenda. This censorship has reduced the credibility of Jackson's blog.
He does not realize that many readers to his blog would often open also on our blog where the accurate analysis was often to be found. So many of the arm chair generals from yesteryear have no idea of the real situation in PNG. They draw on a fantasy world of the past.
Recently there was a fictional story of a small street boy in Madang. The Australian bleeding hearts bled for a week until a report on our blog pointed out that many street boys are junior thugs, The arm chair generals can not blame parents or the Government.
We pointed out that putting boys out into the peer group was a cultural practice in this country since the days of the ancestors. It is not a matter of rejection by parents. All debate stopped dead the day our response came out.
There have been contributors to PNG Attitude who sulked when a rebuttal appeared on our blog. There was Colin Huggins and old John the coffee man.

Hateful emails would come from Huggins calling the founder of AIDS Holistics insane and mentally disturbed. He hated to be shown in error.

Both blogs have an important place in PNG development. All writers know that the Ming will be enraged if they make comment on any report from our blog. He may even ban them from his blog. It is all more than a little childish.

Daily hit tally: 129, 675

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