Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I have had recent dealings with ANGLICARE, the Anglican AIDS body that has always followed a pagan approach to AIDS awareness. Please click:

There is no focus on family but on rights of women and condoms. This is the approach demanded by the gay and lesbian Australian aid organization.
AIDS Holistics has never opposed condoms in the HIV/AIDS response. We take the view that churches should not oppose condoms.
The Bible tells us to give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. We give to God what belongs to God. Condoms belong to Caesar. Family belongs to God.
We do not expect a church to give condoms out like lollies to the community. The report above tells of condoms given out to police going to the highlands for the last election. This was for a little safe adultery.
We also urged that condoms be given to police wives in Port Moresby for a little safe adultery while their husbands were away. We asked in the name of gender equality. Our suggestion was ignored by Anglican Care.
The report appeared in all its glory in the 2012 Grade 10 Written Expression exam for Papua New Guinea.

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