Sunday, 6 October 2013


There is a very emotive report on the blog PNG Attitude written by one Pamela Toliman. She writes of being forced to marry a man she hated by a family concerned only with bride price.
She writes that they had no concern for her feelings but only for a man who had come with a bride price. Her family had killed all her hopes for her life. Please click:

I find that I can relate to this having two mixed race daughters 16 and 14 years. One has been taken by a man who has tricked his way into our family and taken my daughter out.

I will not force her to marry him to gain the bride price. With his track record on defaulting on rental and school fees, the man will undoubtedly default on bride price too.

I have banned him from paying bride price and marrying my daughter. I will only allow him to marry her if at the age of 18 years, she freely gives her assent to marriage. Please click:
I will not allow myself to die knowing that I sold my daughter to a man who mistreats her.

If bride price is ever to be paid, the man must remember that the father sets the bride price. He is not paying for my daughter but for a white man's genes to pass on to his kids. Chimbu genes are not good enough.

Last weekend, I received a phone call from a man who did not identify himself but said he intended to marry my daughter.
He said that if I stop him, I will get a bullet.  Should I die, I ask the police to contact Digicel to trace the number 70031082. The caller will be involved.
The man met me on the weekend and denied any involvement. There was still a death threat made by someone.

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