Wednesday, 23 October 2013


There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a public or private sauna and watching used condoms floating by. It serves you right for going to a gay sauna. But it is the only sauna in town.


Recently there was a report that the Chinese Government was to ban HIV sufferers from public bath houses. This was taken to be a polite way of saying that gay men be banned from engaging in serial sex in saunas and bathhouses.


Now we find the Scottish police are urging a ban on condom use in Scottish saunas. This is the same problem across the world where saunas have been taken over by gay men for orgies of anal and oral sex.

BBC News - Police ask for condom ban in Edinburgh saunas

6 hours ago - BBC News - Police ask for condom ban in Edinburgh saunas
Homophobic" ban on condoms in Scottish saunas dropped as Police Scot

The report on the Chinese ban appeared on our blog recently and showed that saunas and bathhouses in China have been taken over by gay men. Please click:


The gay creeps have complained that it is their right to have anal sex orgies in public and private saunas and bathhouses. To hell with the public in general. It's homophobic the creeps would say.

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