Friday, 8 November 2013


Carers in PNG have thankless 24/7 jobs. They have to look after people, many of whom are foolish in expecting the carer to do everything.
They will not want to help themselves but expect the carer to do all the thinking. If the carer does not want the sick person to smoke, the problem is easily solved by smoking in secret. Please click:
The big problem lies with the family. If they find the person is dropping in health, the blame immediately falls to the carer. It is very much like sorcery blame. The carer has to be blamed.
The founder of AIDS Holistics had been caring for a woman from March 2013. She had tuberculosis and required help in diet, exercise, medicine, medical review and ban on smoking.
She followed all except smoking which gave her bronchitis leading to bronchial pneumonia. She could not breathe. She coughed 6 Coca Cola cans of mucous in 8 months.
One night she cried, screamed and attacked her carer. She rang her father Chief Inspector Bonn Gulu of the PNG police.

He came with a friend, brutally bashed her carer and took his daughter away. Now the matter is in the hands of the Police Public Complaints.
This is not the first time. Linda died of AIDS in 2003. When her weight dropped in final AIDS , her carer was bashed by her brothers. She would not let her family know she was HIV+. See report above.

Chief Inspector Gulu knows he has made a huge mistake. But he is too busy hiding his daughter away to prevent her from testifying on the bashing.

She is overdue for a major check-up at Pacific International Hospital. Treatment should have begun on onset of bronchial pneumonia.

The arrangement was made after her forced departure but her father refuses to reveal where she is. He is probably allowing her to smoke. She will die at 29 years old. Stupid man.

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