Friday, 1 November 2013


Recently I was talking to an old friend who had been an AIDS Awareness officer before retiring last year.
She told me that I should be proud as AIDS Holistics has had a tremendous impact on AIDS awareness in this country with the Positive Living message. She said that every care group today has taken from our message as part of their own approach.
I accept that. So much about Positive Living now appears in the media. There is now focus on lifestyle diseases, nutrition, family, mother to child transmission, ARV for pregnant mothers and exercise.
We go on. There are still areas that are not covered. These include ARV for raped women and the HIV attack on the gut. It is sad as the gut attack is crucially important knowledge in any explanation of the inability of the body to absorb nutrients, water and salts.
As well, knowledge of the gut attack is important in helping us to understand the effects of ARV in killing the virus in the blood and allowing nutrients to be absorbed once the gut lining is mended having been rescued from the HIV attack in the blood.

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