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Small intestine is not the immune system. Attack is on CD4 cells protecting the gut lining. 

In the last few days, there has been a controversy in the media on the advice on social media by ex-Health Minister Jamie Maxtone Grahame – a former unhealthy fat man who became a convert to positive nutrition and gave advice in the media on all kinds of health issues.

I have much respect for his commitment as I hope he has for the work of AIDS Holistics. Until now there has been no criticism of his writings and those of ours on internet. We did suffer the ranting of a doctor on the attack on the gut lining. Dr Moale Kariko never did correct his error.

But Jamie Maxtone Grahame has raised the anger of media on his advice on the dangers of vaccination. He does have a no win situation. There is no alternative to vaccination. But we do hear from time to time that a person vaccinated has suffered side effects. What do we do?

The technique had been invented three hundred years ago with Edward Jenner vaccinating a patient against small pox. It has improved over the years with vaccines developed that trick the body into producing antibodies that are ready to fight the real invader.

It may be that some people will have an adverse reaction. The vaccine may have been past the use by date. There may have been problems in the preparation and storage. But most people have been given life saving medication with antibodies that responded to mock vaccine.

I am glad my children were vaccinated against tetanus, polio and measles. They have been protected for all these years.

There is a problem in Papua New Guinea with professionalism of many doctors. There are those not up to date with medical research. There are doctors who do not earn a high income and live in rough settlement houses. Their professional research may be zero.

There has been a boost to doctors in the last decade with the national HIV/AIDS campaign controlled by foreigner gay and lesbian activists from Australia and the United Nations. They hold the future of the PNG doctors in the palms of the hands.

There is a gay and lesbian agenda that the doctors dare not speak against. The tame doctors can be employed in the UN or other foreign care groups if they shut their mouths. To speak out on the violence of women and dangers to gay health is to be black banned. They will stay in their squatter settlement houses for life.

Doctors would be afraid to speak out on the attack of HIV on the gut lining. They have covered the issue up by referring only to the immune system which does not include the gut.

Hence the unprofessional interference on my talk at a conference by Dr Moale Kariko on the gut attack. His understanding of AIDS faced zero and he was too arrogant to apologize to a mere lay person.

The attack on the gut lining has been on Google for more than 8 years.

But the key to understanding HIV infection is the attack on the gut lining. The damaged gut stops the absorption of nutrients, salts and water. On the other hand, the ARV treatment mends the gut along with strong nutrition. Gay men still face the gut parasites that enter their mouths as eggs on the faeces of other gay men.

Much of my knowledge has come from doctor friends who gave me text books on HIV/AIDS. My prized gift was on clinical studies on HIV/AIDS in Australasia by Professor Jenny Hoy et al. It showed a fearful collection of gut parasites that infest the guts of gay men.

But so many PNG doctors are professionally and intellectually lazy. They will not publicize what they know for fear of disciplinary action by the Medical Association. 

They reveal what they know only to paying clients. There is no public awareness. Why is the community not told about the dangers of smoking with TB and HIV?

Why is there no public awareness on ARV against rape? Lesbian activists probably say no. It is left to the care groups. Doctors are afraid to anger the foreign gay and lesbian activists in the UN.

It may cost them a job with a permanent place in the UN gay and lesbian black book. This may apply to doctors over the developing world.

I am defending professional PNG doctors not attacking them. They have enough problems.

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